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What Happens If You Lose A Filling?

Dentists insert tooth fillings to help protect teeth that have cavities. However, sometimes, they may fall out. If you continue to have problems with your fillings, you may want to consider gold or ceramic inlays. They are less common but more durable than traditional materials such as glass ionomer, composite or amalgam. When a filling does fall out, it can be quite painful if your dentin tubules are exposed. You must quickly remove it from your mouth. In order to reduce your discomfort, you can take pain relievers and cover the hole with wax paraffin. Be sure to continually care for health of this area by brushing gently and rinse your mouth with salt water until you are able to seek emergency dental care in Gainesville, FL.

What Causes Loose Tooth Fillings?

It is important to know what common reasons that lead to lost fillings in order to prevent it. If it does, you will want to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in Gainesville, FL.

Sticky Foods

Can lead to gaps between your gum line and teeth. The gap allows for harmful bacteria to build up, which causes severe damage to the bone structure and supporting tissue.

Saliva Underneath Filling

If there is any saliva or moisture in your cavity when your Gainesville dentist is inserting your filling, it will not bond correctly. When the resin is unable to bond, your filling will fall out.


Bacteria and food may make their way underneath the filling. Because it is impossible for you to clean this area, this bacteria will decay your tooth and cause your filling to fall out.

Grinding Your Teeth

Regular chewing places places a great strain on your fillings. If you tend to clench or grind your teeth, your fillings will not be able to withstand the pressure.

Normal Wear & Tear

Most fillings will eventually come out. No matter how skilled your general dentistry care, your filling will most likely fall out; you should therefore have regular checkups to make sure its quality is maintained.

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Not all patients will experience pain or sensitivity following the loss of a filling. While waiting for your dental filling to be replaced, it is important to practice impeccable dental hygiene. The exposed gap is an ideal environment for the rapid growth of bacteria.

If you unexpectedly have a filling fall out, remove it from your mouth and schedule an appointment at Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry for a replacement. To repair a tooth that has lost a filling, we will refill the area. You may choose to have the same material used as before or you can request a new material for the filling. If the filling was abnormally large, a crown may be a better, long-lasting solution. Our dentists are qualified to replace your filling, insert a dental implant, perform teeth cleanings and much more. Contact us today to set an appointment.