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Lost Dental Crown? Don't Panic!

What To Do When Your Tooth Crown Falls Out

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Common Causes Of A Loose Dental Crown

Although crowns are cemented to the surface of your tooth, it is possible to lose a crown while eating or if the crown is knocked loose. A crown may also loosen if the tooth underneath falls victim to decay. No matter the reason for your lost crown, Gainesville dentists at Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry can quickly and conveniently replace your crown and get your teeth back to an acceptable level of health.

The dislodging of a crown does not usually require immediate attention. Most patients experience little pain or discomfort when a crown is lost, however, that does not mean you should not schedule an appointment to have the crown replaced. Dental crowns in Gainesville, FL, are typically required because the tooth underneath has fallen victim to decay or has fractured. While the tooth may not be in immediate danger, extended exposure can cause you a great deal of pain and leave the tooth open for the buildup of plaque or further damage.

Gainesville Crown Replacement

The reason a tooth crown was needed can affect the amount of pain and discomfort you feel when you lose the crown. If the tooth under the crown is severely damaged, or if the root, nerves or pulp are exposed, the pain may be unbearable as the area can be extremely sensitive. You will likely feel pain from both hot and cold, and the area may become inflamed. Even if you do not feel pain right away, it’s important to have your crown replaced. Some may feel self-conscious about having a decayed or broken tooth visible. Although you may not think that a cosmetic issue is enough of a reason to have a crown replaced, it’s imperative to protect the now exposed tooth.

I Lost A Crown. What Should I Do?

1. Find The Crown

When a crown is dislodged while you’re eating, be careful not to swallow it. In many cases, we can reattach a crown, so it’s better if you can find it.

2. Treat The Pain

If you’re in pain, you can take over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen. Clove oil can also be applied on the area with a cotton swab.

3. Reattach The Crown

If you have the crown, you can try to reattach it temporarily with a dental adhesive available at the pharmacy. Gently clean the area and inside the crown before reattaching.

4. Protect The Area

Do not eat anything hard or sticky while waiting for your crown to be replaced.

5. Seek Dental Care

Call Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry to make an emergency appointment to reattach your crown or get fitted for a new one.

Gainesville Dental Emergency

Each patient’s experience may differ when they lose a crown. During your visit, we will examine the area to determine if any damage was done to the exposed tooth, nerves, pulp or any other parts of the tooth.

We will also evaluate whether the lost crown can be reattached or if a new crown is required. A crown can fall out as a result of many factors, so it may be necessary to determine whether the cement failed, if underlying decay caused the crown to become loose, or if your bite has changed since the crown was first placed. If the crown is broken, or chipped beyond repair, or other extenuating circumstances prevent reusing the crown, we will fit you for a new one. This will require two visits: one visit to make a mold for the crown and a second visit to attach the custom crown.

No matter why your crown fell out, it’s important to visit a dentist in Gainesville, FL, as soon as you can to prevent infections, gum irritation or any other damage to the tooth.