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Making a dental prosthesis

An Effective Solution For Missing Teeth

Bridges are a natural-looking solution for a missing tooth or teeth. At Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry, all of our bridges are custom-made to fit each patient. A great-fitting bridge can replace an area of missing tooth as well as stabilize the surrounding teeth and bite.

Types Of Bridges

Bridges can be made from metal, or ceramic and are chosen based on the aesthetic and functional demand.

What To Expect:

During the first visit, we prepare the teeth that are located on either side of the space and take an impression. You may be fitted for a temporary bridge until the laboratory creates your permanent bridge. On the second visit, we ensure that the bridge fits well in the mouth, and if no adjustments are needed, the bridge is permanently cemented on.

Bridges can be a great solution to replace a missing tooth and restore your smile.

Watch Caring for a Bridge (Traditional)