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Overdentures in Gainesville, FL

Do You Need Overdentures?

Overdentures provide more stability and structure than normal adhesive dentures. Implants are surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw. The titanium attaches to the jaw and functions as a tooth’s root. A partial or full set of replacement teeth are then snapped onto the implants. The more implants that are spread throughout the arch of your jawline, the more stable to overdentures will be. This also slows down bone loss because it is acting as the root of the tooth. Get overdentures in Gainesville, FL, as a solution for partial or fully edentulous individuals and increase your life quality.

5 Advantages of Implants Under Dentures

5. Enhances Speech

Dentists in Gainesville, FL, use overdentures to prevent unwanted movement while you are talking. As a result, you will speak more clearly and have less embarrassing instances.

1. Improved Functionability

The stability provided from dental implants anchors your dentures to your jaw, which helps to improve your ability to chew food thoroughly without extra movement.

2. Slows Loss of Jaw Bone

Overdentures are secured by connecting to your remaining teeth or implants. When you chew, your jawbone will continue to be stimulated because your implant acts like a normal root of a tooth and therefore will help prevent resorption.

3. Stabilizes the Denture

Normal dentures are secured in your mouth through adhesives, but they can easily come loose or adjust uncomfortably in your mouth. Your Gainesville dentist can give you overdentures that use surgical implants to fasten your dentures in your mouth so they will not move.

4. Improves Appearance

When your jaw is not sufficiently stimulated, it can cause dental problems such as bone loss in your jaw and lead to a decrease in the distance between your chin and nose. Overdentures activate the jaw bone and prevent this process and therefore allow for a more natural facial structure.

Gainesville Overdentures Dentist

Gainesville Overdentures

Individuals missing teeth or wearing loose or ill-fitting dentures can now regain their smile with a reliable and sturdy implant supported denture. You no longer need to use dentures that are loose fitting and causing you to get sores or discomfort. Instead, look for a dentist who can improve your dental health by using implants to secure your dentures for more stability and prevent bone loss. With proper care and regular check-ups, your implant retained dentures will ensure you have a beautiful, natural looking smile for years to come. 

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