Surviving the Braces Years

As your child becomes a preteen, image is always on his or her mind. Straight teeth are an important part of that image. Of course, braces aren’t just for cosmetic reasons. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and a cleaner, healthier mouth means better overall health. A misaligned bite can also lead to TMJ issues or headaches.

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Make Better Oral Health a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

It is a new year, and many people use this time to make resolutions. Changing a pattern in your daily routine can generally take 20 to 30 days of repeating a behavior. Make improving your home, oral healthcare one of those resolutions. For the next 20 to 30 days set a timer and brush for two minutes, floss and then rinse with mouthwash. At the end of this period, you should notice a remarkable improvement in your ability to efficiently give your teeth the attention they deserve every day in just a few minutes.

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