Full Dentures & Partial Dentures

Are dentures right for you? Dentures can:

  • Provide support to facial muscles
  • Give the look of natural teeth
  • Improve the ability to speak clearly
  • Allow you to properly eat and chew food

If you’re ready to restore your beautiful smile, then Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry can help. Dentures are a customized solution for patients who are missing multiple teeth, and dentures are able to resemble natural looking teeth.

We often see that the confidence has dwindled in patients who meet the needs for dentures. Removable dentures can not only give you a beautiful smile once again, but help support the muscles in your face. This allows you to restore the natural structure of your face and allow you to speak more clearly. Dentures can also restore the ability to eat and chew food properly, letting you eat more of the foods that you love.

Full Dentures

We create full dentures for patients who have had to have their natural teeth removed. We wait until the gums have healed before creating custom dentures, however, we can provide patients with immediate full dentures. Immediate dentures are placed directly after teeth have been removed but must be readjusted several times in the first few months of use.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are ideal for patients who have large gaps created by several missing teeth. They are similar to bridges, however, they are removable.

Implant Options

We offer various implant options depending on your needs.

Caring For Dentures

Caring for your dentures may be easier than caring for real teeth because they are removable, allowing you to thoroughly clean the dentures. Daily maintenance is required in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and avoid permanent staining. It is important to treat your dentures as though they are real teeth to keep them bright and free of plaque.

  • Softly brush your dentures daily to prevent the growth of bacteria. A soft-bristled brush will prevent scratching the surface of the dentures.
  • Rinse your dentures after every meal to dislodge any food particles.
  • A cleanser is recommended to clean and disinfect your dentures on a daily basis. Many toothpastes and mouthwashes can be too abrasive for dentures.
  • Keep your dentures in a dental solution when they are not in use. Dentures that dry out can crack and break more easily than dentures that are kept moist.
  • Thoroughly clean your gums and tongue daily.

If your dentures break or crack, schedule an appointment right away. Ill-fitting dentures can irritate the gums and other areas of the mouth, leading to infection.

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