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Chipped Or Broken Tooth? Don't Panic!

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Do You Have A Chipped Or Broken Tooth?

Chipped teeth are very common. Teeth can become chipped due to trauma or even something as simple of eating ice cream. Our teeth are covered in enamel, which is a strong substance that protects them. However, enamel can weaken due to beverages and food you consume. Save the piece of your tooth that breaks off and bring it to a dentist in Gainesville, FL, such as Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry.

Fixing A Chipped Or Broken Tooth

Our Gainesville emergency dentist team will provide a different solution depending on the damage to your tooth. If it is a small chip, we will be able to repair it in a single visit. However, if your tooth has fractured it may require more extensive treatment.

Dental Implants

If the chip in your tooth goes below the gum line, your tooth is no longer treatable and is not able to be saved. In this case, you will need a tooth extraction. Then, you can receive a dental implant to replace your natural tooth.


A dental veneer is a thin wall of resin or porcelain that covers the front of the tooth. Veneers are used to repair front teeth that have chipped or broken and will require two visits minimum.


A dental crown is adhered to the top of a broken or chipped tooth, especially in cases where the teeth have broken due to decay. It will require two visits to your Gainesville dentist because the crowns must be specifically tailored to fit your tooth.


Composite dental bonding is used to repair tiny chips in your enamel. This emergency dental procedure can be performed without anesthesia and within one visit.

Root Canal

When a tooth has broken so severely that a crown, veneer or bonding cannot repair the damage, root canal treatment may be necessary. A root canal removes damaged pulp and seals the area. Once a root canal is completed, the remaining area may be covered with a crown for protection.

What To Do If You Chip Or Break A Tooth

If your damage seems slight, you may be tempted to ignore it because you dislike going to the dentist. However, it is important to consult a dentist because if you wait, your tooth may be vulnerable to more dental problems. Once a piece breaks off, rinse and wrap it in a cloth. Rinse your mouth with salt water and take over-the-counter medication if you are feeling pain. If you are hungry, consume only soft foods and avoid biting down on your broken tooth. If your tooth has a sharp edge, you can cover it with wax paraffin or chewing gum. Then call Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry. Our experienced team can help you find the right solution for you and will provide gentle dental treatment that will keep you at ease.