Do You Have An Emergency?

A dental emergency usually means a lot of pain, whether you’ve chipped a tooth, had a tooth knocked out, lost a filling or just have an incredible toothache. At Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry, we understand the excruciating pain a toothache or broken braces can cause. Schedule an appointment at our Gainesville or Lake Butler location for quick dental care so you can feel better faster.

If you are experiencing a broken tooth, toothache, extruded tooth, lost crown or any other extreme pain, it can be easy to panic.

Stay calm and apply an ice pack or cold compress to help reduce swelling and pain, and call Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry.

Gainesville Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency can occur at any moment. We understand that accidents happen, and we strive to provide quick and professional emergency dental care for all of our patients. With extended hours into the evening, and availability on Saturdays, our dentists are committed to providing quality and convenient care. If you aren't a current patient, we can still help you with your dental emergency. If you're able, print and complete our new patient form and bring it with you to your appointment.

Dental Emergency Tips

A dental emergency can be extremely uncomfortable. We understand how painful these emergencies can be which is why we’ve provided some tips for dealing with dental emergencies. 

Toothache: Clean the area around the tooth. Saltwater can be used to rinse the area and clear food particles from between the sore tooth and surrounding teeth. If you experience facial swelling due to a toothache, apply an ice pack or cold compress. We recommend taking acetaminophen rather than aspirin to relieve some of the pain until you can see the dentist, however, acetaminophen should not be considered a long-term solution.

Broken/Chipped/Knocked-Out Tooth: Whether you’ve chipped a tooth on food or have had a tooth knocked-out in an accident, you’re probably in pain. If you’ve been injured, we recommend placing an ice pack or cold compress on the area to reduce swelling and minimize bruising. If you can, collect the broken tooth fragments and schedule an appointment with the dentist. If you tooth has been knocked out, gently rinse the tooth while holding it by the crown. Do not clean or disinfect the tooth, and try not to handle it by the root. Wrap the tooth in clean gauze and try to reinsert it. If it cannot be reinserted, store the tooth in a container with water or milk and see your dentist immediately. 

Dental Emergencies

Newest technologies in dentistry, including:

  • Lava Chairside Oral Scanner for taking precise digital impressions
  • 3D CT scanner for diagnosing pathology and planning treatment
  • Digital radiography offering less radiation than traditional X-rays

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