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Digital X-Rays in Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, FL Dental X-Rays

So many people lament going to the dentist because of the pain and uncomfort that they feel when X-rays are taken of the mouth. They may hate the feeling of pointy objects piercing their cheeks and the awkwardness of positioning their heads to get the perfect picture (over and over and over again). Fortunately, our Gainesville, FL dental professionals use advanced technology to take dental X-rays.

At Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry, your oral care and health is our top priority. Many people do not realize that the health of your teeth directly affects many other organs and elements in your body. That is why our team relies on quality technology, such as digital X-rays, to prevent, identify and heal oral diseases and defects.

X-rays are crucial to dental operations. Providing a thorough blueprint of your oral health that can often be overlooked through physical oral exams, dental X-rays allow dentists to detect any and all of the following:

  • Cavities/decay
  • Tumors and/or cysts
  • Tooth rotation and/or movement

Digital X-rays are able to detect these problems with greater quality and ease to both dental professionals and patients. At Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry, we are proud to offer digital X-ray services.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays make dental operations and your dental experience convenient.


As you can see, digital X-rays are definitely desirable. This advanced medical technology is transforming the dental industry and patients’ dental experiences alike.

1. Decreased Exposure to Radiation

The truth about most medical technology is that they contain high levels of radiation which may create long-term problems in patients such as cancerous tumors. Many dentists rely on film-based X-rays but these systems are outdated and less safe. Digital X-ray systems are more compact and do not transmit as much radiation as film-based X-ray systems.

2. Patient Comfort

Digital X-ray systems allow you to experience ease and comfort. Instead of awkward head positions and painful mouth insertions, the tools for digital X-rays are small and comfortable.

3. Efficiency

Digital X-ray systems are much more efficient than film-based X-ray systems. Pictures are generated quickly and are easily transmitted. They can be sent via emails and other online services. Further, the quality of the pictures are excellent and can be manipulated according to your needs. Images can be magnified, sharpened or molded into a negative view. As a result, our dental professionals are able to detect all of your oral problems easily and correctly.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Because images generated through digital X-rays can be uploaded and transferred online, it does not require paper and stamps. An eco-friendly, paperless alternative to performing high-quality oral X-rays is a bonus!

Gainesville Dentists & Digital X-Rays

Gainesville Dentist & Digital Oral X-Rays

Digital X-rays make taking care of your teeth and overall oral health easy and efficient. Our professionals have been serving Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding areas since 1987. We are always willing to adapt to new standards and discover new approaches to merge patient comfort with quality services and protection.

At Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry, you do not have to fear or lament your Gainesville dentist appointment. Schedule an appointment with us today to experience the delight of our digital X-rays for yourself!

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