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Tips For Boosting Oral Health In Florida

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The State of Florida has a bad wrap for dental health. According to Wallethub’s 2018 research findings, Florida ranks near the bottom at 44 out of 50 states for the worst dental habits, dental care, and overall oral health. In addition, only 38 percent of Florida adults and children visited the dentist in the past year, making the other 62 percent susceptible to costly dental treatments like fillings, root canals, and crowns.  The dentists in Gainesville, FL, with Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry, offer tips for improving and maintaining your oral health.

Brush Beyond Your Teeth

Bacteria can hide in every crevice of your mouth. After brushing your teeth twice, or more, each day, be sure to lightly brush your gums, tongue, and sides of your mouth to maintain oral health. To avoid brushing too hard, hold your toothbrush as you would a pencil, and brush in light, circular motions. To help kids get the most out of brushing, dentists recommend adults set an example by brushing along with them. Integrating healthy brushing practices can help ensure your child adopts dentist-approved oral health habits.

Floss Frequently

Forgetting to floss can be detrimental to achieving and maintaining good oral health. Even if you brush your teeth more than twice each day, failing to floss can mean that 40 percent of your teeth’s surface go completely ignored. To properly clean every part of each tooth, dentists recommend surrounding the tooth with the floss and cleaning in between teeth with a scooping motion. Last, make sure to floss the areas behind your back teeth to ensure all food particles, plaque and residue are removed. To make flossing fun for kids, let them pick their flossing products. Allowing your kids to join in on the daily planning process will increase the likelihood that they follow through when it’s time to floss.

Rinse Mouth With Fluoride

Fluoride is your friend. In addition to brushing your teeth using toothpaste that contains fluoride, dentists recommend patients add a fluoride rinse to their daily routines to help keep teeth strong and prevent cavities from forming. Using a rinse before going to bed is recommended, as the fluoride will have time to work its magic while you sleep. As an added bonus, fluoride can also help prevent bad breath in the morning.

Change Your Diet

What you eat affects your oral health. When speaking with a dentist in Gainesville, FL, locals often ask about which foods and drinks to avoid to optimize oral health. Sugary drinks rank top of the list for damaging teeth. In addition, the method you choose to drink sugar-filled beverages can affect specific areas differently. Using a straw to sip drinks in a certain area of the mouth can cause serious decay in that area. To avoid the effects of sugary beverages on oral health, either choose to skip those drinks altogether or, if that isn’t a realistic solution, brush your teeth after drinking.

Schedule Regular Teeth Cleanings

Now that you’ve mastered the art of daily oral care, it’s time to schedule regular teeth cleanings with experienced Gainesville dentists. Most people believe visiting the dentist for bi-annual teeth cleanings ensures their oral health is taken care of. However, the frequency of the need for teeth cleanings is best determined on an individual basis for each patient based on the health of their gums, their diets, oral hygiene, and genetic factors.  At Van Dyke General and Implant Dentistry, our dentists will ensure you get the best professional dental care customized to your needs. An investment in preventative oral care today can help you ensure savings in the long-term.

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