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Teeth Clenching Solutions in Gainesville, FL

Teeth Clenching in Gainesville, FL

Though teeth clenching and grinding are both symptoms associated with bruxism, they are slightly different. Clenching involves placing significant amounts of pressure on the jaw without any movement. Grinding, however, occurs when people move their teeth back and forth while also biting down hard. Teeth clenching can happen while the person is awake or asleep and is often caused by anger or anxiety. If you suspect you may clench your teeth, look for a reliable dentist Gainesville, FL, has to offer, like Dr. Van Dyke.

Symptoms of Teeth Clenching

Teeth clenching can be particularly dangerous because people who clench their teeth while they are sleeping may not be aware of it at all. Therefore, it is important to learn which symptoms indicate teeth clenching, so you can notify your Gainesville dentist.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Continual pressure on your teeth will eventually cause wear and tear on your teeth that will result in chipped or cracked enamel and teeth.

Dull Headaches

Teeth clenching can overwork muscles resulting in throbbing, tension headaches.


The jaw muscles are located close to the nerve that supports the ear. When these muscles and ligaments get irritated by teeth clenching, the nerve can be triggered and cause persistent earaches.

Loose Teeth

Excessive amounts of clenching can cause the periodontal tissues to widen and stretch so that your teeth become loose.

Jaw Fatigue

Teeth clenching involves biting down forcefully for long periods of time causing your jaw to feel tired and sore after you wake up.

Gainesville Teeth Clenching Dentist

How Can a Gainesville Dentist Treat My Teeth Clenching?

Because teeth clenching frequently occurs at night, it is vital that you regularly visit your dentist. At Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry, we provide teeth cleaning Gainesville residents trust. During the appointment, our general dentistry Gainesville FL, team will look for any indicators of harmful issues such as teeth clenching. We can also recommend a variety of solutions to prevent future damage, including bite guards, muscle relaxants or stress relief therapies. Don’t wait to consult a dentist or you can risk additional damage, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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