Surviving the Braces Years

As your child becomes a preteen, image is always on his or her mind. Straight teeth are an important part of that image. Of course, braces aren’t just for cosmetic reasons. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and a cleaner, healthier mouth means better overall health. A misaligned bite can also lead to TMJ issues or headaches.

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Helping Your Child After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your child just had his or her wisdom teeth removed and must now begin the road to recovery. This process isn’t as bad as you may expect if your child takes proper care of his or her mouth to ensure that everything goes smoothly and painlessly.

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Happy Halloween

All Hallows Eve is right around the corner, which to most means that sugar is in the air. Bowls of delicious candy will be filling everyone’s offices and children’s trick-or-treat bags. Snacking on candy all day can get you in trouble. Not only do we tend to celebrate holidays for an entire month, but our judgment can also be clouded from the constant sugar highs. What are some of the important things to think about to help ensure a cavity-free Halloween holiday?

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