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Extruded Tooth in Gainesville, FL

Extruded Tooth in Gainesville, FL

An extruded tooth is a tooth that is dislodged or partially knocked out. Typically, this is a result of a physical injury. If your blood vessels and nerves remain attached and your tooth is not broken, our team at Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry may be able to save your tooth. If not, we can insert a dental implant for a replacement.

During the procedure, we will begin by applying local anesthesia. Then the area will be cleaned and we will attempt to manually reposition your tooth. At this time, our staff will examine the vicinity for signs of periodontal disease and will X-ray your tooth to verify the root is healthy. If necessary, sutures will be applied to your lacerations and we will apply a splint. You will have the option between a wire composite or resin splint which must remain for at least two weeks. You will need to return for a follow up visit. If the nerve was damaged, your tooth may require a root canal. Either way, you will need to come back frequently for checkups over the next few weeks.

What Do You Do With an Extruded Tooth?

Call A Dentist Immediately

You must set up a dental appointment as soon as possible in order to increase your chances of being able to keep your tooth.

Do Not Remove Tooth

Even if your tooth is partially dislocated, do not attempt to pull it out. Our staff will not be able to put it back in and will need to insert a dental implant instead.

Use Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever

It can be very painful when one of your teeth become partially dislodged. In order to give yourself some relief until you arrive at your emergency dental appointment, take some pain killers.

Apply a Cold Compress

When your have an extruded tooth, apply a cold compress to it in order to reduce swelling before you are able to consult an emergency dentist in Gainesville, FL.

Refrain From Eating Hard Foods

Though you must consult a Gainesville dentist as soon as possible, you should not eat or chew anything that will cause your tooth to become fully removed from your mouth before your appointment.

Gainesville Extruded Tooth Dentist

Dentist Office in Gainesville, FL

A partially dislodged or extruded tooth can be extremely painful, and its imperative that you see the dentist immediately if you want to save the tooth. It is not possible to save a tooth in every extruded situation, but you can count on our dentists to do everything possible in providing you with solutions, whether that be proceeding with extrusion treatment or extracting the tooth and inserting a dental implant.

If you have an extruded tooth or require any other form of emergency dental care in Gainesville, FL, call Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry today. Our team is both compassionate and experienced. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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