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Broken Braces Wire? Don't Panic!

What To Do About Loose Or Protruding Wires

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What Causes Braces Wires To Break?

As if braces weren’t inconvenient enough, but every so often, you may experience a broken braces wire. The sturdy wire used in correcting your teeth can cause a lot of pain and discomfort if it is knocked loose from its hold. Broken braces wires can also cut your tongue, cheek, and gums and make eating impossible. If the wire for your braces has become displaced, call Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry right away.

Protruding Braces Wire

A protruding wire is common for patients who have braces. As your teeth move and become more aligned, the wire moves as well. This can cause an extra bit to protrude at the back of your mouth, cutting into your jaw, cheek, and gums. Wax paraffin can be used to keep the end of the wire from cutting into your skin, but if it is a constant irritant, then having your emergency dentist in Gainesville, FL or orthodontist trim the wire is preferable.

The wire used with bracket braces can also become dislodged. This happens most commonly while eating or biting down on one side. It can become painful and complicate eating even soft food.

The Wire On My Braces Broke. What Should I Do?

A dislodged or protruding wire is pretty common for patients who wear braces.

1. Chew Carefully

When the wire comes loose, be careful in closing your mouth or chewing as the now-free wire can cut into your cheek.

2. Cover Wire

Use wax paraffin from your Gainesville dentist or orthodontist to cover the wire. This will keep the wire from cutting your cheek, tongue or gums.

3. Clean Area

If the wire causes a cut or sore, rinse the area often with antiseptic rinse or saltwater. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 8 ounces of warm water.

4. Position Wire

It may be possible for you to gently push the wire into a better position. Take great care not to force a wire into a position or cut the wire.

5. Schedule Emergency Dentistry

Schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist to have the broken wire fixed.

Gainesville Emergency Dental

A broken wire may require some repositioning in order to fix the problem. A wire may need to be reattached or replaced, depending on the situation and the damage caused to the wire. Some patients may not feel any pain or discomfort from a broken wire, but it is still important to seek treatment. A wire that is broken, protruding or dislodged cannot function properly and serve as the guide for your teeth’s movements. Delayed emergency dental can allow your teeth to return to their previous position or even create new gaps or areas of crowded teeth. This can extend the length of time in which you will be required to wear your braces, so don’t put off having that wire fixed.

If you are not experiencing pain, and the wire displacement or protrusion is minor, emergency dental care in Gainesville, FL may delay repairs until your next regular checkup. This is determined on a case-by-case basis, and it is always best to let the dentist or orthodontist make this decision.