10 Tips For Pearly Whites

If you think brushing and flossing twice a day is the key to pearly whites, you’re on the right track. But achieving a bright smile isn’t that simple and requires a few extra steps. Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry offers these 10 tips for a pearly white smile with a bonus tip. Call our office to schedule a cleaning with a dentist Gainesville, FL residents rely on to help them enjoy good oral health!

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Six Tips For A Brighter Smile In Gainesville, FL

It’s often said a smile is the first thing people notice about each other. Given the importance of first impressions, it’s no wonder many people work hard to attain dazzling smiles. Dentists with Van Dyke General & Implant Dentistry in Gainesville, FL, offer these tips for a brighter smile.

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Surviving the Braces Years

As your child becomes a preteen, image is always on his or her mind. Straight teeth are an important part of that image. Of course, braces aren’t just for cosmetic reasons. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and a cleaner, healthier mouth means better overall health. A misaligned bite can also lead to TMJ issues or headaches.

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